Wednesday, June 3, 2009

One Week In London!

I've gotten a little blog-slack, but that is mainly just because I was waiting for something to write about! I'm not sure that I have loads of material, but I'm sure I can manage a few paragraphs!

I'm starting to get to know my way around London now! The tube makes it ridiculously easy to get around... and I have now successfully traveled via bus. (red double-decker bus that it.) 

I've been to 2 wonderful gigs... Phosphorescent with Adam and his friend Jo... and Phoenix, all by my lonesome. Phosphorescent was surprisingly excellent. They put on a really enjoyable show at The Jazz Club in Camden. Phoenix played at KoKos which is a really cool venue... a bit like the Tivoli on crack. 6 levels and a GIANT disco ball in the middle. I paid far too much for my ticket from a scalper... I'll have to work on my persuasion skills for next time. They put on a really fun show though, and played a lot from their last album as well as their latest one. 

This week I've been working quite a bit with Georgia, the stylist I mentioned in my earlier blog. We did a British Airways/Heathrow ad... (ironic really after my harsh welcome at Heathrow... and considering the circumstances I was detained.) I enjoyed it very much... it was a lot more relaxed than a film shoot and the studios were lovely. Maybe it's just that I am used to working in a giant, glorified shed.. but the room was beautiful!  There were pastries and freshly brewed coffee on demand, fancy bathrooms with hand cream... there was a fridge fully stocked with lots of fancy drinks, and bottles of coke... and that delicious green and blacks chocolate. The food they gave us for lunch was by far the best food I've eaten since I arrived...  It seems like a dream job to be a stylist really... Some of the jobs this girl is doing sound ridiculous. And you get free clothes ALL the time... You get a budget for a job and then you take everything back at the end and exchange the things you don't like for things you do. I think I refunded about 40 items on Tuesday... so I certainly know my way around High St, Kensington now. I'm working with Georgia again tomorrow and then again next week. I'm going to have to say no eventually so that I can get on with my holiday. 
In other 'Working Illegally in the UK' news - I am going to get some cash in hand work, going around in bars and giving people massages... At least it is one up on 'slamming.' Hayley is trying it on Thursday just for fun and she is a Lawyer - so it can't be that bad right? A bit of extra money to help me relax on my budget will always be very welcome! 

I've been out a couple of times with Jessica, and also Nicole and Jenny - so that has been nice. I went out to Nicole and Jenny's place in Twickenham. They are moving out, which is a pity because it a great house that they are living in. Twickenham is a lovely suburb as well... lots of very british looking houses. 

I'm a bit crap at sight seeing. I looked at Big Ben from across the river and when we drove past in the cab.. and other than St Pauls Cathedral, that is it. I think I need to pay to do a tour. 

Anyway, it is almost midnight now - I'm listening to Triple J breakfast online, but I'm very tired and it is time for bed. 

Goodnight xx

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Lorraine said...

Nice to hear you are settling in .
You need to ask Jessica where Shakaut is & I'll transfer some $$$ for some Liberty bits.