Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hungry And Lost!

Hi again.

I don't feel much better than I did yesterday - it seems my body still thinks it is night time... I just figured I'd be one of those people who just don't get affected by jet lag. I was wrong.
I woke up this morning at a normal hour, and then I didn't really know what to do with myself. I finally dragged myself out of the house after watching an episode of Britan's Next Top Model (so not as good as the Australia version!) and half an episode of H2O. Pretty cool seeing the show you've worked non for 9 months on tv in a foreign country... (not cool enough to watch an entire episode though.)

Since I hadn't made any plans, I just went to Oxford St again.. I only saw a little ofit yesterday - and I figured I should probably check out Topshop. I needed a jumper or something - because it was cold, and my jacket wasn't enough. Topshop is so confusing. It is massive.. and there are just too many clothes. I saw some liberty print things going past on a rack and then I couldn't actually find them in the store. I can't believe how many liberty print things there are in London.

All I've really done today is walk around... I found myself in some random suburb before and just kept walking.. I found myself back in soho and I have been trying to find somewhere to get a sandwich - but I never want the ones in the shop!! I knew I should have gotten that waffle when I saw it... but I'm so terrified of the heathrow injection that I kept walking - and now I'm starved.

I found the same internet cafe and the man in the shop made a pass at me, so I think I'm going to have to find another place. dammit.

Thats all for now... hopefully I will have done something exciting next time.

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