Thursday, June 11, 2009


Uh. Hello. So last week there was a tube strike. It was highly annoying and the whole city sort of fell apart. I was working on a photo shoot on the first day, and it wasn't too much trouble getting there in the morning.. I had to go into the city though and that took about 3 hours. Once I finally made it back to the studio, it was all a bit weird really. We were making a fancy catalogue for a fashion label and the designer was sort of calling all the shots.... and he just made a few weird ones. My job was to dress the models. Often I was putting on their shoes, and I kept thinking, surely it is much more simple if they just put them on themselves. Same with most of the clothes. I would be untangling a dress, and there would be a poor woman with her boobs out, waiting for me to work out how the straps go. Not that they were shy. One of the girls was just wondering around wearing only pants... sidling up to conversations and chatting with her boobs on show. I especially enjoyed dressing the male models.
Getting to the other side of town was a NIGHTMARE! I was supposed to meet Adam in Belsize Park, but I had left the Quilt that mum sent me over with at Georgia's house... so I took a mini cab with Georgia... The traffic was HORRENDOUS. We were in the cab for 2 hours until I needed to go to the toilet so bad that I jumped out to use the bathrooms in a nearby hotel. The plan was that I would just jump back in the cab further up the road because the traffic was moving so slowly it was easily possible... however when I got out, Georgia called me and told me the traffic had started to move really quickly, and to run across a park and meet them on another road... so a ran.... and I couldn't find the road she was talking about.... So I just called her back and told her I would forget about the quilt and go straight to Belsize Park to meet Adam. The Northern Line on the tube was the only line that was almost completely working, so I ran to what I thought was Euston Station, (really Euston Square Station) and became confused as to why it was closed. (There was a tube strike. Most of the stations were closed!!) I saw a bus going by that had Kings Cross written on the front and so I jumped on, thinking I would take the Northern Line from there... but soon realised that the Bus had already gone to Kings Cross and it was driving away from it. By this time I had told Adam I would only be ten minutes... so I jumped off the bus and ran to Euston station! I almost applauded the train as it pulled up! Adam and I went to Nandos (weird and pointless table service Nandos...) and then saw Drag Me To Hell... (Adam's choice... not mine!) Although it was VERY entertaining... I think Adam put it well when he said, "That is one of the best worst movies I've ever seen!" I actually screamed a couple of times.. the whole movie was just disgusting. I highly recommend it.

Second day of the tube strike I took a bus the V and A museum. Of what I saw of the museum, it was pretty incredible... but alot of the rooms were closed because of the strike and so I am going to have to go back to see anything upstairs. I missed the hat exhibition. I actually wish I'd caught it. Imagine that - loads of sweet hats! Basically what I did see was the fashion... which is what I went mainly what I went there for. It showed how fashion has evolved... and had some incredible dresses! I'll go back, but probably not for a couple of weeks. :-(

I don't even remember what I did on Friday during the day. Good one. It must have been AWESOME!
Friday Night Jenny and Tino attempted to take me out. It was quite unsuccessful, but we had loads of fun anyway. I met them at their friend's place and we played a bit of guitar hero. I was very bad. I played two songs, and then gave up... After a few beers, we planned to meet some of Jen and Tino's friends at some sort of gay night in a club somewhere... except that they had the club wrong, and by the time we gave up looking for the correct one, we couldn't really be arsed paying a large cover charge, when all the clubs close at 3, and by then it was almost 2am. So we just went home after roaming the streets for a couple of hours...

On Saturday, Jessica and I went and met Lauren for a delicious Cupcake in Primrose Hill. It is probably only a 20 minute walk, and a lovely area.

This is a pretty little square, where there was some sort of fair going on. The were lots of children running around and a man on a microphone doing some sort of auction... he kept coughing without pulling the microphone away. It was delightful. Oh by the way, I finally st
ole my camera back from Jessica's bag - so I'll be putting up a photos finally. Whoohoo!

Saturday night, Jen told Nicole that she had to actually take me to the inside of a bar or club to make up for the wanderings on Friday... so we went to After School, which was a bit like rics... so of course I had an awesome time! Drink were incredibly cheap as well. We were going up and getting 4 drinks, and it was costing us £6. That doesn't even make sense. The song that got us dancing in the beginning was Dolly Parton - Workin' 9 til 5! The hits just kept coming. There was a bit of Joy Division, The Gossip, The Beach Boys, The Strokes... you know the drill.
I danced like an idiot until 4 when they kicked everyone out. The bar was on the 4th floor and it was on the river, so there was an awesome view of London with morning breaking!

Sunday, after a sleep in Jessica and I made our way down to The Warrington, which is Jessica's local watering hole, and also one of Gordon Ramsay's many restaurants. I had Steak and once I had finished it - I just wanted to eat it again. It was very delicious. After that we went down and had a few drinks in the pub and then headed home for a frozen pizza.

Yesterday I didn't really get up to much. I went and saw I Love You, Man... it was pretty funny, but not as good as I thought it would be I suppose. It was in this tiny cinema with only 52 seats and a mini little screen. When I came out of the cinema though, it was the premier of Transformers! I figured something was going on when I went in, but when I came out, there was a red carpet situation and a giant transformer and millions of cameras... I quickly evacuated.

(I understand that I am not so awesome at the photo rotating... I'll work on it.)

I went to the zoo today. I loved it there. I saw loads of Monkeys, and everything else that you would expect to see at the zoo. There was even a toucan. I am so exhausted now from walking around for so long (including to the zoo... it's about 15 minutes from Jessica's.) I even got a little sunburnt. Towards the end of my visit there, I went to watch this show about hawkes, but the second hawke to come out flew into a tree and wouldn't come out. They spent the next half hour calling out "HARRY!" and throwing bits of meat into the air... reminded me a little of when I can't find Rufus and go outside shaking the dry food, calling out for him. They apologised and called off the show after about 20 minutes. I went and looked at a couple more things and by the time I left they still hadn't gotten him out. Harry is very naughty.

Anyhoo, I am just at home now, watching TV and resting my tired legs. I should really be going for a run... but I say that everyday. I am becoming quite rotund. Hayley is making tacos tonight!

Heading to Rome on Friday and then onto Berlin for a week with Ollie! I am very much looking forward to that!


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