Monday, June 8, 2009


I can't believe how many of you are actually bothering to read my blog. Apart from family members and maybe one or two friends, I didn't really think anyone would be interested. So thanks for reading. I'll try to lift my game and do something more exciting.

I worked a little more with Georgia on Thursday, and honestly it is pretty easy work. I'll be doing a photo shoot with her on Wednesday. Perhaps my career is in for a little bit of a shake up when I get home!

On Friday, I went on a search to see a squirrel! It wasn't very hard... I basically walked into Hyde Park and there was one running down a tree! I almost squealed with delight... they are SO cute! I don't understand why people don't have them as pets... imagine that! 
Aside from the squirrels, Hyde park is absolutely gorgeous! I love it. If I lived in London I would just hang out there all the time. There are some pretty sweet geese and swans on the lake... the whole place is very pretty. 
In the afternoon I met Nicole at the Royal Academy of Arts and had a look at the Kuniyoshi exhibit. He is a Japanese print artist from the 1800s. It was quite incredible to see the wood blocks that he carved out and then somehow turned into really quite intricate prints. Alot of them told traditional Japanese and Chinese tales - heaps of warriors fighting off demons and things like that. I especially liked alot the animals and weird creatures that he did.
After the exhibit, Nic and I went out for a few drinks around Trafalgar Square. We had some crappy Chinese at this place that served next to NOTHING vegetarian, so Nicole had an iced tea, while I ate some very bad duck noodle soup. 

Saturday I took the train out to Epsom and went to the Epsom Darby. This was no Gold Coast Turf Club! It was massive. The Queen was there. They had a fun fair in the middle of the track and heaps of people hire buses and park them in the middle of the track and have a party. The middle of the track was about as big as the big day out. Jenny made a little cash on the Horses, but I made one tiny bet and lost. I'm not exactly in the position to be throwing away my money. It would have been magical if the Sun came out.. but alas, it did not. Some girls were quite dressed up in summer dresses... they must have been freezing. The weirdos in tracksuits almost had the right idea! After the Darby we headed over to a pub in Epsom and got 50p pints from a friend of Jenny's behind the bar! Whoohoo! The whole day was heaps of fun, although the latter part is a little hazy.

On Sunday we were supposed to go to the Zoo with Phil's nephew, but he was sick and we couldn't go! I think the adults were more upset about not going to the Zoo... I was really looking forward to it! Instead we went to this delicious french restaurant that only serves steak and fries! It was VERY delicious. I'll go to the zoo another time... 

Jessica and I decided that we will go to Rome in a couple of weekends time, and then I will go to Berlin from there to stay with Olly! I can't wait to get my party on in Berlin - I hear it is insane! I'm staying for about a week aswell, so Ill get a chance to do a proper tour and see all the incredible history.

For now though, I am going to get out of the house and check out the V&A museum. Mum suggests that I will like it. There is a tube strike planned for the next couple of days, starting from 7 tonight, so it should be an interesting ride home. Everyone will be finishing work early to get the last trains. The whole city is going to fall apart!



Lorraine said...

I will continue to be the sole commenter !!!
Sounds like you are are having a fine time .
The blog is becoming a really good read ... I'll look fwd to next installment. Dennis says so too !

Phoebe said...

I have only just discovereed that you have been leaving comments! How delightful!